Documentaries 2020

"Adriatic" is the name of the documentary film on ethnic-linguistic Croatian-Albanian minorities historically present in Molise, starting as early as
Nikita is 8, he is a worldschooler from Australia – he is traveling the World full time with his mother
A heart-warming exploration of photographer Tawfik Elgazzar's community art project, Flash Hub, which provides free portraits for locals and passers-by
Zanzibar, an island on the east coast of Africa, is a wonder and a myth. It used to be the
Rebgong (Qinghai province, China) is well-known for its Tibetan Buddhist thangka art for centuries. However, Tibetan women were not allowed
Marked by ethnic and cultural diversity, Rio Grande do Sul now houses thousands of Palestinian immigrants and their descendants. The
In December 2017, actress Jessica Hecht, producer Jenny Gersten, director Arin Arbus and music director Mary Mitchell Campbell made their
This documentary is a short snippet of the filmmaker’s grandfather’s life from being born in Sicily, going to school in
A kid from a sheep rearing family notices his father getting conned due to illiteracy and decides that getting educated
Edu'Active is a documentary focused on education about transformative initiatives applied to public and private institutions of basic education that
This project was the result of working with a theatre group in a small town in Mexico, they researched movement
Inspired on Wilson’s Santos trajectory, the movie shows the journey of a musician and percussionist who found the Drums Orchestra
During an art residency (VIDEOFORMES’ Digital Artist Residency) in an agricultural high school at Yssingeaux, in the south of Auvergne
Farmer, Activist, Monk and Drag Queen - Zoe Borzi's documentary provides insights into four different ways of life by making
The Venerable Master Hsing Yun is a world-renowned religious leader, humanitarian, author and teacher. At the age of ninety, the
“Outra Voz” (another voice) was created in 2010, within the scope of the Community Area of Guimarães 2012 - European
Families in city life or in the countryside should ensure that their children live and receive good education. they ask.
Once upon a time in the forest of Kullu, there was a young girl named Janisha Marchal. This girl was
Anphouc is an 11 years old girl from Vietnam. her pairs of big bright blue eyes attracted many photographers from
This documentary is an "Ethnography" which describes the lives of Gadiya Lohars, who are nomadic community of Rajasthan , India,
This documentary tells the story of the LGBTTI communities who have suffered persecution, prison and torture for their sexual condition
The United Kingdom is renowned for it's multicultural and diverse society. But has the theme of 'community' changed or faded?
Behind the scenes shows images of children in their drama classes, narrated by a teacher, a doctor-psychoanalyst and a pedagogue
LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE? Two young intellectuals, Katya and Vassya, come to a small industrial town to work as teachers.
Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was one of the most famous people in Azerbaijan, he was an oil millionaire, and philanthropist. He
Kasiel Noah Asher, Krasimira Kuzmanova, Lilia Maraviglia and Stefka Yanorova are all talented female actors with different creative and personal
In some Iranian ethnic groups,girls and boys, from adolescence,are forced to nominate elders by donating a gift colled "Nishaan". 

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