The project HERITALES – International Heritage Film Festival was born in 2016 in the city Évora (Portugal) with the aim of promoting the dissemination of heritage through various media, the seventh art being its main focus. Through cinema and documentaries, he shows anthropological knowledge of different cultures. Focused on the dissemination of material and immaterial heritage, it shows ways of life and architectures, ways of educating in uses and customs, transmitting rites for communities, revealing the elements that make communities sustainable. It projects cinema in emblematic architectural spaces, preferably outdoors and with debates with its authors, promoting dialogue and international collaboration.
It shows material and immaterial heritage using narratives of artistic and playful nature. It is based on photography, games, theater, performances or interactive media, and mainly on the seventh art of cinema through documentaries, animated films and short films. It considers that the promotion of the different cultures of the world should be shared forever through these supports.
On the one hand, it aims to encourage sustainability linked to communities and promote a reinterpretation of what can be valued as cultural heritage, emphasizing the importance of heritage  education.  On the other hand, it wants to encourage new ways of transferring knowledge, encouraging intercultural dialogue and giving way to international scientific collaboration through partnerships.


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