Stage Intro 2024

Stage is where Heritales Film Festival takes place online.

From the 1st of June 2024, more than 25 films will be screened in this space, and you can watch them for free! Not only you can watch these incredible documentaries and animations, but you can also contribute in choosing the winners of the 2024  audience award.

You can start to watch and vote for the films from the 1st of June by registering as a free member,  however, we highly recommend checking the advantages of registering as a paying member. We do not ask you to compare the films only to give stars to each film. We have a system in place where we can check if you have watched all the films so that all the work will have a fair judgment, any star given without watching the film will not count.

At the end of August, we will extract one lucky member to participate to the final Award Ceremony in Lisbon (Portugal).


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All calls now extended to the 15th of May 2024!


Free entry for students with institution email, please contact us with your institution emails and ask for a free pass code

Please go to the Calls Section and submit your work