Call for projection spaces

We invite all cultural centers, museums, associations, festivals, government and non-government entities around the world to offer your spaces for the films projections or other activities.

We will revise all the submitted spaces and go through a selection process. After this period we will contact you with some choices from a list of possible films and/or other activities.

Please be aware that offering a space means that:

  • You will be recognized as an official partner of our cultural project  about knowledge transfer of scientific production of heritage material.
  • You are the sole responsible of the full logistic organization of the event on the day, as well as the communication on your channels.

We provide the scientific contents and the presence of the author of the work, as well as the publication of the event on our official channels and all our partners.

We can also provide some support on the printing materials for the specific event if planned in advance.

Being part of our project means that you will have the possibility to show in your space, scientific work about cultures from all over the world, made by talented filmmakers and researchers. As long as your institution have some film projection possibilities (just a projector and an amazing wall for example), you can be part of our growing family. We encourage everybody to be a part of this new worldwide cultural and scientific movement, that follows a new concept of Knowledge Transfer related to Heritage.

Please submit your proposition below! There is no deadline for this submission however we will have a limited number of films and activities to propose, so that, as soon as we reach that number, we will close the application.

Many thanks for your help, best wishes


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