Would you like to be part of the most exciting festival experience of your life?

Would you like to be part of new project that seek to bring the Culture of Heritage to everybody, for a new sustainable society by learning from past present and future cultures?

Would you like to be in contact with the most amazing film directors of our age and share your opinion about their work?

Would you like to enjoy  great moments by participating at the most exciting multi-cultural parties and events?

Then you do not need to look further and be part of our team of volunteers that helps to spread our message to whole world!

We got different  positions in many location around the world (although we operate mostly in Portugal) such as: helping receiving the audience, organizing timetable, collaborate with authors, help in the spread of our events in the real world and on social media, accompanying our director to sightseeing, organizing the spaces we use for events and much more…

So if you want to enhance your CV and at the same time be part of the most and new exciting project in the field of heritage please contact-us and we will certainly arrange a position for you!

We will always need your help!

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All calls now extended to the 15th of May 2024!


Free entry for students with institution email, please contact us with your institution emails and ask for a free passcode

Please go to the Calls Section and submit your work