Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival 2018 – “Rites, gatherings and celebrations for sustainable cultures”


Heritales – International Heritage Film Festival seeks to disseminate narratives of material and immaterial Heritage. Of the many ways to achieve this, Heritales relies mainly on the seventh art of the cinema and also promotes other forms of exhibitions and acts such as photography, interactive media, games, theater and performances.

In this edition, Heritales focuses on the topic of “Rites, gatherings and celebrations for sustainable cultures”. Our aim is to reconstruct and reproduce cultural narratives of celebrations, recorded in documentaries and fiction as well as photos and other supports. Promoting these images allows the international public to relive those experiences from anywhere in the world and keeping the memory of the ceremonies anywhere and forever. We are gathering a collection of educational material bringing together an entire cultural cosmogony that connects man with the environment and cultural spaces.

Once again we decide to tackle the topic of sustainability however this time we want to focus on how those celebrations are important for the conservation of cultures and places around the world. We want to put together some of the main points of the objectives of UNESCO’s agendas by encouraging Cultural sustainability, new ways of education, fostering intercultural dialogue, promoting international scientific collaboration and always focusing in transmitting cultural heritage. This year we try to achieve this recovering the rites of different sociabilities of the world and to show how they can help to the sustainability of the different societies building throughout cinema new forms of reaching to a worldwide audience.

In the European Year of Cultural Heritage, Heritales goes on tour, multiplying the places of projections and finally “breaking the walls” of the city. By embracing the concept of itinerant cinema, the festival will reach a double international dimension: the one of the projected films and the one of the places it uses, revisiting the ones of 2017 (Italy and Portugal) and expanding its borders to other countries such as Spain, Brazil and more to confirm.

In half a year we aim to show more than 20 films and documentaries in various international locations. The culmination of the festival will see a final gathering at the end of September in the UNESCO´s world heritage city of Évora. Then, we will celebrate with the winners of the three awards given by UNESCO Chair of Évora University.

We hope that you will participate in great number and share this experience with us and with the filmmakers that we will try to convene at each screening, so please stay tuned on our website Facebook and Twitter for more news to come!