Tambour ou Bola (Drum or Ball)

Inspired on Wilson’s Santos trajectory, the movie shows the journey of a musician and percussionist who found the Drums Orchestra of Alagoas, devoting his life to music and to the dissemination of popular percussion as a tool to social inclusion of poor youngers
Quilombola from North’s Santa Luzia, migrates to the state’s capital, drawn by his parents life’s needs. In Maceio, the boy grew up, like many other kids, without education, deprived from a dignified life, safe and warm. Sanked in a marginal world, full of needs, violence and criminality.
The film reveals the life trajectory of this real character, archetype of so many other real individuals from the Brazil periphery, face of those and each of us in our fight for survival, in our innocent memories, joys and daily difficulties. And yet, in a world where wolves devour wolves, a human being who feels and cares about the existence of so many other boys and girls, who survive at the crossroads of life, marginalized, creating and reinventing their own existence, their games and adventures, even without the aid of “Ariadne’s string” to guide them back to life and freedom. Contrary to the logic of an excludent society, with all of its adversities, our character finds in music the path to his human and professional affirmation and also an instrument to help other children and youngers.