The Sugarcane Man

The story plays on how the innocence (children) are being used for the purpose to fight in a
purposeless war that is based on the true facts of a Warlord named Joseph Kony in Northern
Uganda. Through using kids vulnerability and tempting them in whatever means necessary they
are lured to be tools for war. Africa’s children are being sacrificed to win meaningless wars.
Joseph Rao Kony commands The Lord’s Resistance Army that was formed in 1986 in Uganda.
He controlled thousands of child shoulders and forced them to kill their own parents/ family
members. The child who has killed will think how he will go back to the community after what he
has done, since they participated in killing- in result all they have left is to follow Kony. He
brainwashes the children by telling them to smear their bodies with oil and ash to make
themselves bulletproof. Some say he is a powerful witch doctor that can control nature and is a
great master when disappearing from the law- He normally leaves his men to cover his escape
while he lives to fight another day..