“Adriatic” is the name of the documentary film on ethnic-linguistic Croatian-Albanian minorities historically present in Molise, starting as early as the fifteenth century following the Ottoman invasion of the Balkan Peninsula. The documentary has a dreamlike and narrative character. It contains two main chapters: the first dedicated to the Italian-Albanians, the second to the Italian-Croats. The necessary epilogue with which the documentary film ends, indicates the contamination as an essential element of that inevitable cultural process that has always characterized human history.
The exodus does not deprive the people of its identity, on the contrary, it is strengthened and reintegrated into the territory in which it lives, becoming a constituent part of it.
The Albanian and Croatian communities have contributed to enriching the territories in which they have settled by introducing customs, traditions, and above all the language: the most important element of the identity and sense of belonging of a people. Diversity and cultural contamination are often interpreted in a negative sense and not as a resource and mutual growth in contemporary society. Furthermore, the title of the documentary emphasizes the main and determining role of the sea in the history of these populations. A story that is repeated in today’s migrations caused by unstable socio-political conditions in the countries of origin. The link between Italy and the Balkans has ancient roots, dating back to the time of the Kingdom of Naples. The Adriatic is the bridge that unites the two shores: it brings salvation, hope and ensures a future.
“Adriatic” derives from an extensive work of recovering the historical memory of the ethnic-linguistic minorities of Molise and of enhancing their languages, customs and traditions. A work made possible thanks to the involvement of researchers, academics, scholars, teachers and musicians. The goal is to make known the reality of the Albanian and Croatian ethnic-linguistic communities that are located within the small region of Molise. It is a priceless heritage, not only for our territory, but also for the entire nation, bringing them to the attention of the States of origin such as Albania and Croatia. These communities are a collective good that must be preserved and encouraged so that they are not forgotten in history.


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