One Day with Doctor Sergio

Nikita is 8, he is a worldschooler from Australia – he is traveling the World full time with his mother Oxana. While living in the mountains of Chiapas, among indigenous people with their bright culture, they met a real hero – Doctor Sergio Castro – a true Mexican humanitarian. Doctor Sergio has provided free medical help and building schools for local people of the poorest Mexican state of Chiapas for more than half a century. The local people of Chiapas are Mayan Indians of different ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has its own costumes, language, Catholic Patron Saint and traditions. The amazing doctor utilized this diversity, opening an ethnic Mayan museum which generated funds for to support his humanitarian work. Nikita and his mum became inspired by the unique personality of Doctor Sergio and decided to tell his story to the World. They followed Doctor Sergio and filmed him on his daily rounds. This film shows daily routine of the great contemporary humanitarian through the eyes of eight years old child.