“Outra Voz” (another voice) was created in 2010, within the scope of the Community Area of Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture. With the goal of exploring the voice as a sound, word, song, the body as movement and space, “Outra Voz” brings together about a hundred people from all age, cultural and geographic backgrounds. During its six years of existence, “Outra Voz” included in its repertoire, traditional and original songs, opening and growing with portuguese and foreign artists and creators, involving other local groups in the preparation of their public presentations, in the county of Guimarães and outside it. After 2012, it continues to develop its activity autonomously, constituting itself as an association that develops its work through six weekly regular rehearsal groups located in different parishes of Guimarães, continuing to collaborate with a group of artists with whom it worked during the event and new artists meanwhile it has found along the way: Amélia Muge, António Durães, António José Martins (Trovante), Carlos Correia, Catarina Miranda, Cláudia Ribeiro, Colectivo Pele, Fernando Lapa, Fernando Ribeiro, Inês Campos, João de Guimarães, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha, José Eduardo Silva, José Mário Branco, Luís Carvalho (Riotous Company), Magna Ferreira, Mão Morta, Mia Theil Have (Riotous Company, Odin Teatret), Michales Loukouvikas, Nikola Kodjabashia, Rafaela Salvador, Colectivo Soopa, Rui Sousa, Teia Campos. This documentary is a one year window of its activity through the perspective of some of those involved.
“Outra Voz” (another voice) through its own voice.