Heritales @ SHE – Évora – Portugal (19th of July 2022)

King for a Day

The cinema cycle at SHE “In a corner of the world, four different heritages”, will be dedicated to discovering heritages that remain isolated, or are at risk of disappearing.

The third session takes us to the British community of Padstow. Between archival footage, ritual recordings and interviews with Cornwall natives over 9 years, this documentary shows what “May Day” means to them, which is a ritual to welcome summer on the 1st of May. It reveals the fragility of a community that sees its centuries-old traditions disappear under the pressure of a constantly changing world. Will this be the last generation to call ‘Old Oss’ from its stable to welcome summer? The tensions between tradition and progress reveal the importance of cultural identity in a globalized society, between friendship, hope, celebration and unity.

More Info about the film here

  • Target Audience: General public, youth, adults, seniors, students, researchers.
  • Day: 19th of July 2022
  • Time: 21.30
  • Duration: 60 min + debate
  • Location: Sociedade Harminia Eborense –  Evora
  • Presence of the director: no
  • Registration: Not necessary but preferred
  • Extra Activities: Film projection anticipated by a tutorial of recycling CrowdRecycling with Maria Zozaya, presentation by MariaZozaya, Takis Sarantoupolos, technical direction by Fernando Mendes SHE