Heritales @ Teatro do Recreio Desportivo da Trafaria (Casino) (28th of September 2019)

Games in the Casino

Playing is one of the best learning practice for children and adults as stress by Johan Huizinga, Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element in Culture
This is why for the European days of Heritage we decide to propose to the public a unique event of two parallel games activities: the first is dedicated to board games that will present to the audience the possibility to challenge each other throughout competitions of intelligence and other rapid skills The games will be a compendium of traditional and more modern games that revisit cultural heritages from all over the world such as Carrom(India) and Mancala (Africa), but also more modern board games dealing with archaeological quests and storytelling challenges.
The second will propose the presentation on a big screen of different video-games, from the more historical classical titles such as Portugal 1111 to the exploration mode of Assassin Creed. Moreover we will present video-games made by independents companies. These nowadays are exploring the possibility of creating work inspired in collaboration with indigenous tribes in order to promote titles that, as Gabrielle Hughes in the 2017 Edition of Heritales Film Festival presented: “respect the authenticity and protection for Indigenous heritage”.

  • Target Audience: General public, families, children, adults, seniors,
  • Day: 28th of September 2019
  • Time: 17.00
  • Duration: 60min
  • Location: Teatro do Recreio Desportivo da Trafaria (Portugal)
  • Registration: No registration required but limited space available

FCAT & Heritales @ Evora – Portugal (22nd-23rd of February 2019)

Program (Spanish)

HERITALES @ Casa da América Latina – Lisbon (1st -2nd of October 2018)

Cultural Heritage, Interfaces and new Media – Worshops with Marina Thomé and Marcia Mansur

Digital platforms are transforming the way photographers, documentarists and journalists create and express audiovisual narratives. Every day, about 1.8 billion digital images are published on the web. The web environment and contemporary media enable meetings of different perspectives, participatory narratives and new formats of storytelling through different interfaces, mobile solutions, immersive experiences in virtual real age, web documentaries and mapped audiovisual projections.

The program immerses in concepts and cases that use multi-platform narratives as support for documentary content, discusses production steps and questions how interactivity transforms distribution possibilities, social impact and engagement.The activity will discuss the relationship creative use of the documentary process and the promotion of dialogue on cultural diversity, memory and territory; and how to combine photography, video and audio in transmedia projects to promote cultural goods. Topics include: immaterial cultural heritage and safeguards, participatory narratives and cartography, interactive documentary production, and collaborative content platforms.


  • Target Audience: General public, youth, adults, seniors
  • Day: Monday – Tuesday, 1st – 2nd of October
  • Time: 18:00
  • Duration: 240 min
  • Language: Portuguese/English
  • Location: Casa da América Latina
  • Presence of the director: Yes
  • Registration: This activity  requires booking. The limit of participants is 20.
  • Extra Activities: Lecture + film on the 3d of October