HERITALES @ Ajuda, Lisbon (28 of July 2018)

Cine-Event ‘Bijagó

“Sculpting the Spirits” is a journey off the West coast of Africa exploring how the magical world of the Bijagós people is threatened by the generational changes happening in their society.
The strange and close relationship that the Bijagós have with spirits and nature defines the matrilineal structure of their society and informs every decision taken by the community. However modernity and Christianity are now spreading across the islands, developing new needs based on money, luring young people away from their traditions.
Banca, a famous sculptor of spirits, feeling tired, old and worried for the future of a culture in profound transformation, does his last sculpture instructing his son in the hope he will take over.
Guided by a storyteller and our characters’ voice “Sculpting the Spirits” is not only a journey exploring how Bijagós women have special powers to embody spirits while men can only sculpt them but is also the link between spiritual beliefs and the survival of a community.

Trailer: https://www.scottishdocinstitute.com/films/sculpting-the-spirits/

URL: https://www.bijagosfilms.com/sculpting_the_spirits

  • Target Audience: General public, youth, adults, seniors
  • Day: Saturday, July 28
  • Time: 21:30
  • Duration: 54min
  • Location: Largo da Paz, Ajuda, Lisbon
  • Presence of the director: Yes
  • Registration: This activity does not require registration. The limit of participants is the capacity of the space, but come early to find seats.
  • Extra Activities: Dedicated space to art and culture of Guinea Bissau promoted by  “Made In Guine Bissau” https://www.facebook.com/madein.guinebissau

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