Heritales @ Teatro do Recreio Desportivo da Trafaria (Casino) (15th of June 2019)

Indian Day

A selection of documentary and animation coming from India:

Hindu EU, Aabua Paika Kabu Bageya, Nawabi Baluchari, Chitrakathi, Dvandva (द्वंद्व)

  • Target Audience: General public, families, children, adults, seniors,
  • Day: 15th of June 2019
  • Time: 19.00
  • Duration: 60min
  • Location: Teatro do Recreio Desportivo da Trafaria (Portugal)
  • Presence of the director: yet to be confirmaed
  • Registration: No registration required but limited space available
  • Extra Activities: Presentation and debate with Nicola Schiavottiello co-director Heritales.

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