Heritales @ Preocupada (Casa Branca – Portugal (18th of July 2019)

Heritales in the Village

The CineClube & Municipal Theater of Montemor-o-Novo in partnership with the Festival Heritales, are joining this year at the event of th  Oficina do Convento, Preoccupada with the intention of taking the cinema to the nearby village of Casa Branca.
What is the importance of a look, what is the interest of reflecting and questioning the ideas of heritage of inheritance and identity. What we want as future. These are some of the questions that come up when we find places like the Casa Branca. Places built for specific functions, places that were inhabited, lived and left memories, now forgotten and lost in their insignificance, before the needs of today’s society. However, a new look and a new perception, together with the will to make happen, rediscovering needs to the detriment of uselessness and apathy, results in the rebirth, the reinterpretation of spaces and people, functions and memories to transform what seems illusory doomed at last, in a new possibility of life.
It is with this idea in our head and heart that we will exhibit films. With the purpose of inspiring the community exactly for this fight against desertification, against abandonment, against lowering the arms before the unlikely possibility of victory of the collective will and effort. The cinema is also a form of struggle, of passing the message, of contributing, changing for the better our lives, and the places we go.
If the song is a weapon of intervention, cinema is the action that complements it. (traslation from the website Oficinas do Convento)

  • Target Audience: General public, families, children, adults, seniors,
  • Day: 18th of July 2019
  • Time: 21.30
  • Duration: 90min
  • Location: Casa Branca
  • Presence of the director: Yes
  • Registration: No registration required
  • Extra Activities: Presentation and debate with Nicola Schiavottiello co-director Heritales.

More Info o the website of the Festival Preocupada de Montemor-o-Novo