Heritales @ Residências Refúgio Festival Lisboa (1st of October 2021)

Heritales at the Residências Refúgio Festival

On Friday night at the Residências Refúgio festival, Heritales will once again propose the film Migrante, winner of the animation category with presentation of the award at the Monstra 2020 Festival. “MIGRANT” is an animated short film with a powerful message in favor of migration , built from real testimonies that were animated by more than 50 animators from 11 Latin American countries and produced by ANIMA LATINA. Each of the 30 segments that make up the short film is brought to the screen through the unique style of each animator. Latin American cultural diversity will be represented through the heterogeneity of proposals, transforming “Migrant” into a true animated mosaic.


  • Target Audience: General public, families, children, adults, seniors,
  • Day: 1st of October 2021
  • Time: 21.00
  • Duration: 75min
  • Location: Quartel GNR, Largo Cabeço da Bola, Intendente, Lisboa (Portugal)
  • Registration: Not necessary
  • Presence of the director: Online
  • Extra Activities: Presentation by d  Nicola Schiavottiello (Co-director Heritales)