Before Night Comes - Antigone Speech TThis woman has been following us for twentyfive centuries, since Sophocles introduced her to the Athenian democracy in the Read more
Tupinabá Lambido Tupinambá Lambido is the name of a wheatpaste poster campaign conducted by a group of artists living and working in Rio de Janeiro. Read more
Animations Competition Session A fine selection of great works of art from all over the world. Please find specific description following the link of each Read more
Aabua Paika Kabu Bageya Paika is a film about a martial art dance form. More than a medium of entertainment, it has a social significance Read more
Hindu Eu 'Hindu Eu' is a documentary that explores the reality and space of the Portuguese Hindu community in the Radha Krishna Temple in Telheiras. Read more
The Way of the Shaman Drum The spiritual aspects of Shamanism are inured in mystery and some believe Shaman doctors and healers can tell the Read more
Passing by Zé Marôvas In the past, any tourist entering Badajoz in Portugal had to pass Zé Marôvas' door - which would thus entice customers. Read more
O Torneiro da Mouraria The everyday life of João Manuel Balhé dos Santos, one of the last of the region's turners, who has been going Read more
The Saint's Food (A Mezinha do Santo) The traditional community dish of Saint Sebastian, in Couto de Dornelas (Portugal), narrated by Mrs. Lucília Ponteira, an Read more
Smiles of Peace The yoga of laughter is a therapy that combines four actions: play, sing, dance and laugh, which makes us children again and Read more

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