Heritales @ Cova do Vapor – Trafaria – Portugal (10th of July 2020)

Cinema in the Outdoor

On the 10 of june Heritales will collaborate with the Biblioteca do Vapor for an exciting night under the stars!
Come to assist in asession of outdoor scinema with all the family and have a different night.


  • Target Audience: General public, families, children, adults, seniors,
  • Day: 10th of July 2019
  • Time: 21.30
  • Duration: 90min
  • Location:  Jardin das Merendas Cova Do Vapor  – Trafaria
  • Presence of the director: No
  • Registration: No registration required but lçimited space available
  • Extra Activities: Presentation and debate with Nicola Schiavottiello co-directors of Heritales.

Fontes hidrotermais. Uma fonte de vida ou uma fonte de mistérios? Quando se perde no oceano profundo, o Tentáculos encontra um surpreendente oásis de vida. Junta-te ao Tentáculos para perceber como pode haver vida nas fontes hidrotermais.

Oceanos. Uma fonte interminável de energia limpa.
O Tentáculos sente-se sem energia, mas o que não falta é energia no oceano. Junta-te ao Tentáculos e vem descobrir como podemos aproveitar a energia do mar.

Onda da Nazaré. Uma onda tão grande como a sua fama.
No maravilhoso oceano do Tentáculos há uma onda que se destaca: a onda da Nazaré. Chega a ter mais de 20 metros de altura e atrai surfistas destemidos de todo o mundo. Junta-te ao Tentáculos e vem saber mais sobre esta onda gigante.

A sardinha e o upwelling. Uma história que acaba no prato ou no pão.
Enquanto o Tentáculos se diverte num arraial dos santos populares, descobre porque é que as sardinhadas são o pitéu de eleição dos portugueses durante o verão.

Oceano. O grande pulmão azul.
Temos mais a agradecer ao oceano do que o que pensamos. Junta-te ao Tentáculos, enquanto este se tenta desembaraçar de uma alga teimosa, e descobre mais sobre o importante papel do oceano para o planeta Terra.

Client: SNIMAR -Sistema De Nacional de Informaçao Do Mar


Nuno Beato ThumbNuno Beato

Nuno Beato was born in 1977. He decided to open LAMPADACESA in 1998, after working with other producers. His career in the Animation Cinema has been in continuous growth. He likes to experiment new techniques and explore different materials.


Category: Documentary-Animation Duration: 60′ – Spoken Language: Portuguese – Subtitle Available: English Production Date: 2016 – Producer/Production Entity: EMEPC, Sardinha em Lataf

Names of Months (Arabic)

A song animation about teaching the names of months in Arabic, this music video aims to provide an attractive way for children to learn about their heritage. The lyrics of the song are inspired by rhyming folk proverbs, while the images in the animation make cultural reference to different parts of the Arab region: pyramids in Egypt, ruins in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, olive picking in Tunisia, folk dancing in Palestine, sea turtles in Yemen, etc. It is a five-minute cultural voyage into the four seasons.

The Fourfold

Based on the animistic beliefs and shamanic rituals in Mongolia and Siberia since recorded history, the film is about the indigenous worldview and wisdom: Nature is the homeland of human being, Tengri is the deity and the father sky, Earth is the mother with rivers nourishing all beings, paganist and pantheist gods co-exist with all mortals.Against the backdrop of the modern existential crisis and the human-induced rapid environmental change, there is a necessity to reclaim the ideas of animism for planetary health and non-human materialities.


Corpseland is an amusement park that has been used for the purpose of teaching and indoctrinating children to grow up as adults to serve a dysfunctional, polluted and twisted society..


“MIGRANTE” is an animated short film with a powerful message in favor of migration, built on real testimonies that were animated by more than 50 animators from 11 countries in Latin America and produced by ANIMA LATINA. Each of the 30 segments that make up the short film is brought to the screen through the unique style of each animator. Latin American cultural diversity will be represented through the heterogeneity of proposals, turning “Migrant” into a true animated mosaic.


One soldier has sat down in a border outpost. Thereafter the soldier of the neighboring country invents him to play volleyball. They play together. Suddenly a warplane comes and drops bombs…

Zeed sprouting

Juanita, a little girl from a rural school wants to learn her seed sprouting experiment. But in the times we are living seemingly there is no place for real education.

Be Free

This little Short Film with an easy-to-say but hard-to-experience premise is an ode to everyone who’s different, specially those whose life made them different, because they’re free.

I am not Alice but here is Wonderland

We cross the galaxies, cross different planets, and get to Earth . Alice lives with her family happily and she has friends such as the tree and the birds which has draw them. she has a happy family.
She figures out that the people on the other side of the window are different .
They are like wild animals in her sight .
Watching people is her habit till war starts and the city is bombed.
She lose her family and the city is destroyed and Alice tries to save the only living leaves of the tree but she fells in the space and her painted birds save her and finally ,she finds herself on the “little prince” plane.


Blue is a short film about the struggle of being different.

Blue is about the societal struggle to accept differences as a quality, rather than a nuisance. The idea of this film was inspired by my own experience as an immigrant who came to USA to pursue my dream In filmmaking.
although Blue is very much influenced by my own experience, I still believe the core message is relatable for others who shared the same challenges.
“Blue” can be the story of immigrants, women, people of color, minorities, and all the people out there who are being excluded or rejected from the society.