Heritales @ Casa do Brasil – Lisbon (22nd of March 2019)

Fertile Land at Full Tide

Birth is, in many peoples, a time of celebration and worship. However, over the years, the hospitalization of childbirth has destroyed many of the roots that linked us to the ancestral culture. The documentary discusses stories of women who exercised the profession of partaking and brought knowledge that goes beyond obstetric training, presenting birth in a natural and humanized way. The relationship between midwife and parturient, non-medical solutions, and spirituality appear as paths to female freedom while they represent a connection with the ancestry erased by time.

  • Target Audience: General public, youth, adults, seniors
  • Day: 22nd of March 2019
  • Time: 19.00
  • Duration: 7 min + debate
  • Location: Casa do Brasil (Lisboa)
  • Presence of the director: Video-conference
  • Registration: No registration required but limited space available
  • Extra Activities: Presentation and debate with Francesca De Luca, Anthropologist, researcher in bodymaking sexuality and reproduction.

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