Filmclubism in BF
In Baixada Fluminense, independent cultural groups began a filmclub movement that brings cinema to the viewer. For over a decade, Read more.
Fertile Land at Full Tide (Honouarable Mention)
Birth is, in many peoples, a time of celebration and worship. However, over the years, the hospitalization of childbirth has Read more.
Hindu Eu
‘Hindu Eu’ is a documentary that explores the reality and space of the Portuguese Hindu community in the Radha Krishna Read more.
Goodbye Forever
A tribe from Brazil performs a farewell ritual for a member of the village who has just passed away. The Read more.
Kabadio (Best Cinematoraphy)
A deep dive into a new world, filled with rituals, music, magic, secrets, fascinating images and stories of real people Read more.
KAYABIKE “Give us wheels, not wings”
The life, hopes and dreams of a kids and their BMX coach training in a South African township (Kayamandi), waiting Read more.
The Way of the Shaman Drum (Best Short Documentary)
The spiritual aspects of Shamanism are inured in mystery and some believe Shaman doctors and healers can tell the future Read more.
Marabaixo Stories (Best Story)
The black people from Amapá, an amazonic Brazilian state, tell their own history through “Ladrão de Marabaixo” songs. They sing Read more.
Sounds of Kibera
In Kibera (Nairobi), one of the biggest slums of the world, Simon, Philip and Geoffrey have created the collective MADE Read more.
They won’t steal my voice
A poetic essay about feminism. Naire (68) and Adelaide (36), two Brazilians women from two different generations meet in Lisbon Read more.
Spirit in the concrete
Ntuthuko goes home, from Johannesburg to the Vaal, in the exploration of spiritual healing and the relevance of practising in Read more.
The Saint’s Food (A Mezinha do Santo)
The traditional community dish of Saint Sebastian, in Couto de Dornelas (Portugal), narrated by Mrs. Lucília Ponteira, an old woman Read more.
I’m Burning
Renaissance, a challenge. The artistic project of the Valencian creators Miguel Arraiz and David Moreno, will cross the Atlantic to Read more.
Smiles of Peace
The yoga of laughter is a therapy that combines four actions: play, sing, dance and laugh, which makes us children Read more.
The Saakhelu Kiwe Kame (Honourable Mention)
The Saakhelu Kiwe Kame is a ritual of the Nasa indigenous peoples of Colombia, which deals with the revitalization of Read more.
Aabua Paika Kabu Bageya (Best Medium-Lenght Documentary)
Paika is a film about a martial art dance form. More than a medium of entertainment, it has a social Read more.
Sculpting the Spirit (Best Long Documentary)
“Sculpting the Spirits” is a journey off the West coast of Africa exploring how the magical world of the Bijagós Read more.
When I decided to go live with Annie Garby to film a documentary about free dance, I already Knew the Read more.
(A) Social (Honourable Mention)
When was the last time you turned off the phone for ten days?” From this question arises the project: the Read more.
Supper For the Dead Souls
“…The dead souls enter into homes at midnight, passing around the laden tables, departing afterwards satiated only by the aroma Read more.
Directed by Manuela Barile, with research by Luis Costa and Manuela Barile and local mediation by Isabel Silvestre, ‘Bondança’ is  Read more.