My World, Your World

Farmer, Activist, Monk and Drag Queen – Zoe Borzi’s documentary provides insights into four different ways of life by making the protagonists reflect on their modes of existence and the clichés associated with them. A film about diversity, diversity of different ways to live your life in Austria. Supporting Info and
This Project was a student project from the “Ortweinschule”

In The Green Room

Kasiel Noah Asher, Krasimira Kuzmanova, Lilia Maraviglia and Stefka Yanorova are all talented female actors with different creative and personal biographies. The things they share are the education in the Sofia Theatre Academy and the reputation as established performers in plays, films and TV. The trade has its own rules and their interactions are not an exception – they are riddled with competition, putting their friendship under a continuous strain.
But a fatal attraction commands them to work together one more time. The reason is their love for the legendary Valeri Petrov play “Theatre, My Love”. Playing the roles of actors in it, they play themselves, building together the complicated character of “the Actress” by pieces of their own lives. Emotions flow from the green room to the stage and back. Old wounds open, new fires ignite. The theatre life and the theatre of life become one. The metaphorical world of the play becomes home for the everyday lives of the women, a place where their triumphs and miseries become real.

100 years of honorable life

Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was one of the most famous people in Azerbaijan, he was an oil millionaire, and philanthropist. He has invested a lot of money for the development, education of his nation, he has established the first female school in the East. On 28 April 1920 Soviets took Azerbaijan, all wealth of Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev was taken, his family members were imprisoned, or died because of hunger. He was the one who gave education to most of the Bolsheviks. His wealth was roughly 30 million rubles at the end of 1917. According to estimations, this amount would be at least 21 billion USD with today’s currency.

All events shown in this movie are part of history, viewers will learn and take advantage a lot from this documentary, we gathered information for 30 years from archives.

We made this movie based on materials collected from archives for 20 years, it resembles a history book. The ones who select this movie will be grateful because everybody will learn and enjoy. Please help us to sell it. This movie has never been shown to the public. We have submitted to FilmFreeWay at the first place.

His younger son moved to France. After 100 years (01.11.2019 ) we found his great-grandchild. He lives in Levallois-Perret, France, his name is Alban Claude.

Here you can get information about his visit:  

Hey! Teachers!

Two young intellectuals, Katya and Vassya, come to a small industrial town to work as teachers. They want to change the system of scholastic education and the social situation in difficult regions. The school is a closed conservative world, where obedience and discipline are of the highest value. Young teachers discover that nationalism, sexism and homophobia are typical for their new environment. Children see the school as a prison and are completely indifferent to any new ideas. During one school year we observe attempts of our protagonists to bring new practices into the system. Young teachers try to speak with children about feminism, human rights and Russian politics, but the system pushes them out, and a comedy turns into a drama


In some Iranian ethnic groups,girls and boys,
from adolescence,are forced to nominate elders
by donating a gift colled “Nishaan”.