Animation Award Winner "Migrants" by Ezequiel Dalinger & Daniel Iezz


International Heritage Film Festival

Special News

Winners 2020

All the films of the competition 2020 are available to watch online
Until the end of December 2020.
Special News

Heritales partecipate at the meeiting of FCAT that closes with success its 17th edition of the Festival

4th-12th December 2020

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Special News

Cinetertulia in the Sociedade Harmonia Eborense

3rd December 2020

María Zozaya y Fernando Mendes, «Cine, Arte y Patrimonio inauguran un ciclo en “Harmonia”, con Heritales» Teartres, 1 -XII-2020.

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Special News

Heritales partecipates at the European researcher Night - Portugal 2020

27th November 2020

The European Night of Researchers in Portugal 2020 counted with the participation of the Heritales project, with an intervention by the CIDEHUS-University of Évora researcher María Zozaya, who spoke on behalf of the entire team, and recognizing the support of the various institutions that made possible the final ceremony of the Heritales 2020 festival at the National Museum of Ethnology (Lisbon).
In this presentation, we explain the history and bases of Heritales, a project that seeks to give visibility to sustainable communities and allows to discover the world's heritage using narratives of an artistic and playful nature. It is based on photography, games, theater, performances or interactive media, and mainly on the seventh art. Heritales uses different media to share knowledge about cultural diversity, showing realities from different countries around the world, whose dissemination the Heritales festival has promoted since 2016 with its program.
Heritales na Noite Europeia dos investigadores, Portugal 2020 (PT) – Corporativismo y grupos profesionales (hypotheses.org)

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Special News

Heritales and Monstra to assign the Animation Awards

9th October 2020

Heritales in collaboration with MONSTRA – Lisbon Animated Film Festival presented a unique event at at the Cinema Fernando Lopes in the Lusofona University in Lisbon

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Special News

Heritales partecipates at Experiences Sharing Table - “The Place of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Educational Processes”

25 September 2020

Takis Sarantopoulos participated with the communication "HERITALES as an educational resource" at the Experiences Sharing Table "The place of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Educational Processes, within the scope of the" Intangible Heritage in Portuguese Schools "project, which took place virtually on 9/25 20202, as part of the schedule of JEP - European Heritage Days, with a total of 2 hours of activity.


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Special News

Heritales partecipates at the Webinar: JORNADAS EUROPEIAS DO PATRIMÓNIO ||

25 September 2020

The online seminar Património de Proximidade e Educação, a joint organization of the General Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the National Plan for the Arts, in partnership with the World Monuments Funds and the Generator, takes place on September 25 between 9 am and 5:30 pm, at Generator site.

https://gerador.eu/seminario-online-patrimonio-de-proximidade-e-educacao-chega-a-25-de-setembro-ao-site-gerador/Find out more >

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Poster Monstra
patrimonio takis

Winner 2020

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Best Short 2020

The Girl with Blue Eyes

Anphouc is an 11 years old girl from Vietnam. her pairs of big bright blue eyes attracted many photographers from all around the world to visit her.
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Photo 5 Buddhi

Best Cinematography 2020

To Wake-Buddhi

Once upon a time in the forest of Kullu, there was a young girl named Janisha Marchal. This girl was happy whenever she played in the forest. The trees spoke to her, she was completely in tune with the ecosystem.
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Best Documentary By Audience 2020

Edu’Active: A journey through transformative experiences in basic education

Edu’Active is a documentary focused on education about transformative initiatives applied to public and private institutions of basic education that enhance students’ learning experience and promote autonomy using active learning pedagogies.
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Photo 2 Zanzibar_2

Best Medium 2020

The Island

Zanzibar, an island on the east coast of Africa, is a wonder and a myth. It used to be the biggest trading port in the Indian ocean, with Africans, Persians, Arabs, Indians living together for centuries in peace. The film aims to reveal the secret to cultural diversity and co-existence through the lens of an Omani Plantation owner, a painter, a Taarab singer.
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Photo 7 Hey_teacher_06

Best Story 2020

Hey! Teachers!

Two young intellectuals, Katya and Vassya, come to a small industrial town to work as teachers. They want to change the system of scholastic education and the social situation in difficult regions. The school is a closed conservative world, where obedience and discipline are of the highest value. Young teachers discover that nationalism, sexism and homophobia are typical for their new environment.
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Photo 1 THE_CAMPFIRE_PROJECT_MASTER.00_14_08_24.Still021

Best Long 2020

The Campfire Project

In December 2017, actress Jessica Hecht, producer Jenny Gersten, director Arin Arbus and music director Mary Mitchell Campbell made their first visit to the Ritsona Refugee Camp, one hour north of Athens. Their host was I AM YOU, an NGO devoted to bettering the lives of displaced persons through education, healthcare and legal support. The mission which Jessica was still planning became The Campfire Project.
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Best Animation 2020


“MIGRANTE” is an animated short film with a powerful message in favor of migration, built on real testimonies that were animated by more than 50 animators from 11 countries in Latin America and produced by ANIMA LATINA.
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Best Animation By Audience 2020


Blue is about the societal struggle to accept differences as a quality, rather than a nuisance. The idea of this film was inspired by my own experience as an immigrant who came to USA to pursue my dream In filmmaking.
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