IV International Heritage Film Festival

"Education, diversity and community"
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Competition 2020

All the films of the competition 2020 are available to watch online
Until the end of September 2020.
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FCAT & Heritales in the Sociedade Harmonia Eborense

16-17 September 2020

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Award Cerimony

25 September 2020

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26 September 2020

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Past Events

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Best Short

Best Short 2018/19

The Way of the Shaman Drum

The spiritual aspects of Shamanism are inured in mystery and some believe Shaman doctors and healers can tell the future and ward off demon spirits during special dance ceremonies.
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Best Cinematography 2018/19


A deep dive into a new world, filled with rituals, music, magic, secrets, fascinating images and stories of real people who struggle to survive, keeping their traditions in the midst of a civil war and the smuggling of goods.
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Best Medium 2018/19

Aabua Paika Kabu Bageya

A film about a martial art dance form. More than a medium of entertainment, it has a social significance as it commemorate and has preserved historical incidences, struggle and triumph of the Munda community in the art form.
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best Story

Best Story 2018/19

Marabaixo Stories

The black people from Amapá, an amazonic Brazilian state, tell their own history through “Ladrão de Marabaixo” songs. They sing verses inspired by real events, mixing religious references, reality and fantasy, with humor and criticism in a poetical way.
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Best Long

Best Long 2018/19

Sculpting the Spirits

A journey off the West coast of Africa exploring how the magical world of the Bijagós people is threatened by the generational changes happening in their society.
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Best Animation

Best Animation 2018/19

A festive Wind

A village square. Some musicians. A preparation. A bird. Competitions. A stain on a uniform. Then the feast.
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